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This is the report for my VHDL internship I did in England in 1998. There is now an HTML version available and when I'll find the time I'll work on a french version.

Please note that my english level in 1998 was average and there are numerous grammar and spelling mistakes.

I'm receiving many requests for VHDL documentation and unfortunably I haven't worked with VHDL since this internship in 1998, and so I am unable to provide any help on the subject. However I do consider the langage to be very powerfull and allows access to new projects.

On the Software side Altera provides a free develpment and simulation kit. This software has a few limitations but should be enough for most students. I don't have any link nor know if the software is still available.

If you still want to contact me please go ahead, I usually reply to email within 24h.

Available in Acrobat Reader format: report.pdf (716 kB)

Presentation of the Electronic Laboratory
1. Introduction to VHDL
1.1. Presentation of VHDL
1.2. Example in VHDL: PPM emitter and PPM receiver
1.2.1.The PPM signal
1.2.2. The PPM emitter
1.2.3. The PPM receiver
1.2.4. Linking the components together
1.3. Testing the PPM system
1.3.1. The Max+PlusII environment
1.3.2. The Finate State Machine (FSM)
1.3.3. The testing board
2. The Spark Generator Board
2.1. Study of the Spark Generator
2.1.1 What is a Spark Generator ?
2.1.2. Tests with the 68HC11
2.1.3. Implement the spark for VHLD
2.2. The Spark Generator in VHDL
2.2.1. The components
2.2.2. The main component
2.3. The Spark Generator Board
3. The Path Finder Robot
3.1. Study of the Path Finder Robot
3.1.1. The purpose of the robot
3.1.2. The Finate State Machine (FSM)
3.1.3. Choice of the hardware
3.2. The VHDL part
3.2.1. The components
3.2.2 The main component
3.3. The physical part


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