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At the end of our two year course we were required to carry out a work experiment lasting ten weeks to conclude our studies. I chose to do my experiment in England, in the Electronic Engineering Laboratory of the university of Kent at Canterbury.

My experiment is based on the use of the VHDL language and consist of two main projects, a Spark Engine Generator and a Path Finder Robot.

At first I spent two weeks to be familiar with the VHDL, by completing a project based on the Pulse Position Modulation serial transmission.

The Spark Engine Generator can be used in car engines and provides a more efficient explosion of the petrol. This project takes 3 weeks to complete, and worked without any noticeable trouble.

The Path Finder Robot is a good introduction to robotics and stand-alone tools. After five weeks of development this project still have some possible necessary improvements.

I hope you enjoy reading my work which describes various steps of the project.

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