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Presentation of the Electronic Laboratory of the University of Kent at Canterbury

The University was founded 35 years ago.

Electronic Engineering Laboratory founded 30 years ago.

The department has over 20 full-time academic staff, and approx 24 full-time research staff. Funded by research councils and industry.

The department offers a number of undergraduate courses, electronic engineering, communication engineering, electronics and medical electronics, electronic system engineering and computer system engineering. In addition there is a masters course in communication systems engineering.

Student numbers are approx 300 full-time undergraduates and 50 postgraduates, taught courses and research, and 8 000 students on the campus.

The Research Faculties are divided into two domains: communications and digital systems. Themes of research in communications include Antenna options, GaAs microwave circuits, Opto-electronics for networks, microwave measure units and radio astronomy. Research themes in Digital Systems are Image Processing, CAD for VLSI, Medical Instrumentation and Neural Systems.

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