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2.3. The Spark Generator Board

Of course the Altera chip is not efficient alone. So we made a board with various components:

  • 3 switches for main_reset, main_en, and speed_en
  • a hexadecimal switch, for the PWM generator
  • a 8 Mhz clock
  • a serial EPROM
  • a byteblaster socket, to configure the chip
  • an input/output socket to connect the engine simulator
  • The technique used for wiring the board is the wire wrapping method. This is faster to create a prototype board than the classic boards, and the possible future modifications are limited to the physical dimensions of the board.

    After a few corrections in the wire wrap connections, and the inversion of the polarity of the displays, the board is working perfectly. A few tests are performed on the board and show that the spark angle correspond to the theorical value.

    The Spark Generator Board
    and the Engine Simulator

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