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2.2. The Spark Generator in VHDL

2.2.1. The components

The basic components used for the VHDL applications an enabler, to enable or not the others a pulse counter which counts the number of clock cycles between each a solver for the equation, to calculate when the spark must a spark generator, which generates the spark when a PWM generator to modulate the speed of the engine from the a BCD counter, used for the two 7 segment displays and evaluate the speed.

The clock used is a 8 Mhz clock, so we use 2 clock dividers, to obtain the appropriate clock rate, which is 10 Khz.

2.2.2. The main component

All the VHDL components created are merged in one main file which is represented by this schematic:

Spark generator: symbolic representation

Finally the component uses 4 input pins and 16 output pins.

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